Power Modules

For power modules we have

  • Sic-SBD:The SiC SBD supports significant energy savings of power supply systems for air conditioners and other application.
  • Sic Power Modules: The SiC power module supports significant energy savings
  • SOPIPM™ surface-mount package IPM (intelligent power module) that will facilitate the implementation of low-cost inverter systems, thanks to its compact and easily soldered package design.
  • The DIPIPM supports enhanced functionality and energy savings in small capacity current systems
  • The IPM (Intelligent Power Module) was created by building a control circuit and protection circuit into the IGBT module.
  • The IGBT module converts a wide range of direct currents, for everything from industrial uses to wind power generation, to alternate currents with low loss.
  • The HVIGBT module supports the high voltage and high currents used in railways and industry.
  • The power MOSFET module provides high-speed low loss switching thanks to its trench gate structure.
  • The diode module converts a wide range of direct currents (everything from industrial to high voltage) to alternate currents.
  • The PFC module supports the power factor improvement of rectifier circuits and complies with harmonic regulations.
  • Thyristor modules turn on power by applying a pulse current to the gate current.
A&S Thyristor Co.,Ltd is a global supplier of Mitsubishi Power Modules, Mitsubishi IGBT, Mitsubishi thyristor, A&S Thyristor and many more. Focusing on providing high-quality semiconductor and thyristor.

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