SEMIKRON has offered integrated power electronic systems for vehicle application to its customers for almost 20 years and can build on many years of experience in these markets.

Flexible, highly efficient power electronics are a central requirement to make electromobility a success. The interface for connection to the master controller in the vehicle must be flexible enough to facilitate adaptation to different conditions. The 3-phase IGBT-based inverter SKAI2HV 2nd gen (shown above) achieves, for example, a power density of up to 20 kVA/litre at a nominal efficiency of >98%.

A&S Thyristor Co.,Ltd is a global supplier of SEMIKRON Systems, SEMIKRON IGBT, SEMIKRON Rectifier, SEMIKRON thyristor, A&S Thyristor and many more. Focusing on providing high-quality semiconductor and thyristor.

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