SKiiPs (SEMIKRON integrated intelligent power modules) combine IGBT modules, gate drive and cooling technology in one set-up. All components are perfectly matched. Final testing at the end of production, including a one hour burn-in test, ensures the highest reliability in the application.

The SKiiP IPM product line sets a benchmark for high performance and robust inverter designs. Both SKiiP 3 and SKiiP 4 feature high power densities combined with flexible cooling options such as air- or watercooling, also with customized heat sinks. Reliable driver technology, integrated current sensors and comprehensive protection functions complete the IPM design.

SKiiP 3 has propagated widely through the industrial drive segment. With its sixpack or half-bridge topologies, it covers a current range from 500A up to 2400A.

The SKiiP 4, available in half-bridge topology, has been optimized for highest power cycling requirements and covers the higher power range up to 3600A.

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