IPM come equipped with control IC possessing IGBT drive circuits and protection circuits, and therefore, it is easy to design peripheral circuits and possible to ensure high system reliability.

It is ideal for applications such as those utilizing AC servos, air conditioning equipment, and elevators.

Small capacity IPM with a product line-up ranging from 15A to 30A/600V and V-IPM covering a capacity of up to 400A/600V and 200A/1200V are available.

The IPM come equipped with overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, control power voltage drop protection, and overheating protection, while also outputting alarm signals.

A&S Thyristor Co.,Ltd is a global supplier of Fuji R-IPM, Fuji Thyristor, FUJI IGBT, FUJI SCR, A&S Thyristor and many more. Focusing on providing high-quality semiconductor and thyristor.

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