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SCR is a controlled unidirectional electronic rectifier element, the signal is applied at the outer restraint is turned off , but once turned on, the signal will not be able to look off or reducing the load can only be charged by the voltage across it off. Is a four- way SCR PNPN PN junction formed by the three three-terminal semiconductor device compared to having a PN junction diode , being guided through by way thyristor anode current restraint restraint ; and has two PN junction compared to the transistor, the difference is that the thyristor anode current of restraint never expanded role .
Thyristor SCR is short . SCR has a unidirectional, bidirectional , light control can be turned off and several types it has small size, light weight, high efficiency , long life, convenience and other advantages restraint , is widely used in controlled rectifier , regulator , inverter and a variety of active restraint and high power energy conversion and other non-contact switch places .
Unidirectional thyristor conditions: First, be sure between the anode and cathode of SCR plus the forward voltage , the second is also very restrained plus the forward voltage . Always together with the above two conditions , SCR will be in the conduction situation . Other, once the thyristor is turned on , or the voltage is removed to reduce the restraint restraint voltage thyristor remains conductive. SCR shutdown condition : reduce or remove the applied forward voltage thyristor anode to cathode, the anode current is less than the minimum holding current less.