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What is Thyristor and How it works?
Like Thyristors, transistors are also used a switching device. Transistors are the tiny electronic component that changed the world, we can find them in every device like TVs, mobiles, laptops, calculators, and earphones etc. As they are adaptable or versatile it doesn’t mean that they can do, we
How Does a Thyristor Work?
When designing and using thyristor or SCR circuits it helps to understand how the thyristor works. Essentially the operation of the thyristor / SCR can be explained in terms of a latching switch. Once tuned on by a current at the gate, it requires the voltage across the cathode and anode to be re
Precautions when using transformers
Multi-phase transformers All the precautions necessary when using single-phase transformers are necessary in the case of multi-phase installations. There are one or two additional considerations occasioned by the interaction of three phases. The principal consideration is the need to keep the thre
Thyristors and transformers
It can be advantageous and cost effective to mount a thyristor unit in the primary circuit of a transformer. The following article describes precautions to be taken. General Transformers are frequently used in electrical energy applications for one of three purposes: i. To achieve galvanic isol
What is a rectifier, what are its various types?
A rectifier is an electronic device that changes alternating current into direct current. This process is called rectification. The three main types of rectifier are as follows: Half-wave rectifier: It is the simplest type of rectifier, which is made with just one diode. i. When the voltage
Thyristors and transistors compared
Transistors are the tiny electronic components that changed the world: you'll find them in everything from calculators and computers to telephones, radios, and hearing aids. They're amazingly versatile, but that doesn't mean they can do everything. Although we can use them to switch tiny electric
How To Use A Thyristor As A Latch
Step 1 - Thyristor off A thyristor acts in the same way as a diode in that it will allow current (electricity) to flow from the Anode to the Cathode. It can not flow in the other direction. When a circuit is powered up and there is no voltage on the gate of the thyristor no electricity flows betwee
Difference between Thyristor and Thyratron
The main difference between thyristor and thyratron is that the thyristor is current controlled device while a thyratron is a voltage controlled device.The thyratron is a large tube filled with gases such as mercury, xenon, hydrogen etc. and the conduction increases due to ionization of these gases.
Smart thyristor control for electric boost
There are many ways of controlling the electrical power of a furnace boosting system. Before high power variable transformers became available, multiple tapped transformers were used (Figure 1). With those transformers the power could only be controlled in several fixed and predefined steps and in m
Way thyristor controlled rectifier is an electronic component
SCR is a controlled unidirectional electronic rectifier element, the signal is applied at the outer restraint is turned off , but once turned on, the signal will not be able to look off or reducing the load can only be charged by the voltage across it off. Is a four- way SCR PNPN PN junction formed